About Us

While house hunting in the spring of 2001, Founder, and Geographer by trade, Paul Sill was lost and confused. A condition not uncommon for him, but exacerbated by the process of buying a home in an unfamiliar Chicago neighborhood. Despite the wealth of data available online and provided by his excellent real estate agent, it was all too much unorganized information, provided on too many pieces of paper. This left him with a folder that weighed 7 lbs filled with listing sheets, property brochures, maps, reports, demographics, comps, and photos.

Home-Turf, originally known as Metro-Map Software, was born from the idea that everything a homebuyer wants to know about a house should be summarized on two sheets of paper, the MLS Listing Sheet and the classic Home-Turf Report. At Home-Turf, we are passionate about information efficiency - that is, the process of providing as much information to our clients that can be processed on a single page. What this required was the development of accurate and relevant databases and the creation of report templates that are easy to read, well organized, colorful, and informative.

Our Competitive Advantage

We painstakingly create, maintain, and update databases of information relevant and important to the homebuyer. Our maps and reports reduce the information clutter found on so many other maps and reports provided online, distilling information down to its most valuable core. With the ease of a single click, realtors can produce clean, colorful, personalized, one-page reports that homebuyers absolutely love.

In just three years, Home-Turf has become a standard among Chicago's real estate professionals, used by more than 2,000 agents and offices.

Experience the most compelling marketing, mapping, and reporting tools available to residential realtors today by reading more about our solutions. You'll find that our reports, data, and customer service truly set us apart from every other company in the market. We guarantee your satisfaction with our product, and we hope you'll become as passionate as we are about providing your clients with the most accurate and valuable information possible. Happy Mapping!

If you would like to learn more about Home-Turf, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-689-1652, or send us an e-mail at info@hometurfonline.com.

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