Home-Turf for Your Office

Make Home-Turf Available to Your Entire Office!

We offer two volume licensing programs: one is intended for whole offices, the other for groups of associates within a single office.

Entire Office License:

This plan enables all associates in your office to access Home-Turf Online from any computer to generate maps and reports for their marketing efforts.

Manage the system online by adding and removing new users as needed. Plans allow for unlimited additions of users up to the next group break!

We offer the ultimate in flexibility and the most cost-effective approach to giving all your agents the marketing tools they need to succeed.

Discounts for offices start at 30% off list price!

Group Buy Discounts:

Are you convinced your office would never invest in something like Home-Turf for all its associates, but you know you can convince a bunch of fellow co-workers to join together?

If so, then our group buy plan is right for you. Get as few as five agents together -- each of you gets your own personalized Home-Turf system, but buying together saves you big off the list price!

Discounts for group buys start at 20% off list price for five agents and go up for larger groups. Plus, we offer proteection in the event your entire office does buy, to guarantee that your investment was not wasted! If your office buys within four months of your group buy, you get 100% of your personal investment back!

For more information on either of these options, contact us at 1-800-689-1652.


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