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The Home-Turf Web Server offers you the most comprehensive mapping and reporting solutions for your company Web site.

We offer five distinct products in our Home-Turf Web Server suite. You can purchase one, some, or all of them together to create the ideal solution for your specific Web site needs. For more information, call us at 1-800-689-1652.
Product 1:
Map This Property
Stop linking to generic ad-filled MapQuest, Google or Yahoo Maps for your listings online. The real value of Internet mapping is information efficiency, giving your clients as much information as possible with the least amount of effort. By integrating Home-Turf Map as your "Map This Property" function, your Web clients get everything they need to know about the neighborhood with just one click.

You can also provide your clients with a detailed Restaurant Report - another feature of this product option. Our Restaurant Report lists a variety of ethnic restaurants (i.e., Chinese, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Continental, etc.), their "nearest" location in relation to your client's address and their phone numbers. It's a useful report to give to clients moving into a new neighborhood or who simply want to keep this type of information at their fingertips.
Sample Reports
Our Key Differentiators in the Market
  • Client branded map output - no third party ads on your maps
  • Everything prints on one page
  • The industry's best map layouts and icons
  • Fast page loads
  • Hand-verified data sets of only the major area amenities (i.e., "Joe's Liquor Emporium and Video" will not be in our list of Major Grocers, etc.)

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Product 2:
Neighborhood Maps and Demographic Information
Understanding your clients' needs and interests is important in your business. By having the ability to customize your maps and reports, you can provide your clients with only the information (i.e., schools, major grocers, health clubs, etc.) that is most important to them. This creates a personal touch that they will surely appreciate.

Or, perhaps your client wants to live in a specific neighborhood but is unsure of this neighborhood's boundaries. The boundaries with which we work delineate unique cultural, historic, and localized neighborhoods across the country, helping homebuyers find properties in the exact neighborhood of their choice.

What does this mean for your Web Site? It means we offer the lowest level of neighborhood detail and the most accurate home search filtering possible. Plus, we provide our information in the form of both maps and demographics for every neighborhood and town. We have developed current year demographic estimates that are extracted for the actual neighborhoods and towns - no zip code summaries. We give you the real data for the actual town or neighborhood boundary.
Sample Reports

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Product 3:
Map Search for Your MLS Database
Everything about real estate is inherently geographic. Your clients search for homes in the "place" (county, city, town, neighborhood) they have chosen to live. The best way to do this is through the Home-Turf Map Search Engine.

Our Map Search Engine seamlessly integrates with your Web site search frame providing your clients with a more visual and meaningful way to search for available properties quickly and effectively.

Map Search enables your clients to view every MLS listing on an interactive map. They have control over the property criteria as well as the neighborhood amenities on the map. Listings on the map are color coded by price, and thumbnail images give your clients basic information without ever having to leave the map interface. Finally, your clients can find the home they want within walking distance to major transportation nodes, city parks, or Lake Michigan.
Map Search Engine Sample Screen Shot
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Product 4:
Lifestyle Search Engine (Exclusive!)
Give your clients the ability to add another level of filtering for their property search. Our Lifestyle Search Engine gives your clients the most comprehensive property filtering available to help them find the right property in the right place. Your clients will keep coming back to your site for the convenience of this search function.

Our Lifestyle Search Engine enables your clients to search for properties on such criteria as:

  • Distance to a particular train station (e.g., "I only want homes within 1/2 mile of a Blue Line station.")
  • Distance to Metra stations
  • Distance to DePaul University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago and others (e.g., "I'm a student or professor and I need to live close to campus.")
  • Lake Michigan (e.g., "I want to be within a 10-minute walk to the lake.")
  • Dog parks (only the dog lover can appreciate this one)
  • Neighborhood (e.g., "I only want properties in Bucktown proper, not every listing in 60647.")
Sample Lifestyle Search Engine Screen Shot

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Product 5:
Open House Router (Exclusive!)
Unique to Home-Turf, the Open House Router is an essential tool for those who want to optimize their open house experience. We will provide you with the best route to all of your offices' open houses, the start and end times of each open house and your distance from them, based on your search criteria. Simply complete four quick steps to build the best route - it's that easy!

Open House Router Steps (2 of 4) Sample Screen Shot

Open House Router Driving Directions Sample Screen Shot

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